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Mobile Phone Rental Service

Please use kt mobile rental service, which provides the country with best quality telephone calls at low prices throughout Korea.

Use Fee

(※ Vat is included)

Use Fee
Rental fee 1-10 days 3,300 KRW / day
11-20 days 2,200 KRW / day
21 days - 1,100 KRW / day
Division Domestic Rental International Rental
Call Rate SMS 110 KRW / case 330 KRW / case
MMS Photo 1,100 KRW / case
Video 2,400 KRW /case
Call Voice: 110KRW / 10secs
Video: 220KRW / 10secs
Separate international rate
Data 1.5 KRW / 0.5KB

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※ Incoming cs are all free (Voice / SMS / MMS)

A credit card in your name is definitely needed to pay a deposit (the expiration date of the credit card shall be more than 3 months away.)
  *debit card is not permitted in paying a deposit.

※ Maximum number of rentable devices per 1 credit card
    - Cell Phone Device(2units), WiFi Router(5units), Postpaid SIM card(5units)

Use of Unrestricted Data Service

(※ Vat is included)

Use of Unrestricted Data Service
Daily Use Rate 5,500 KRW/day
Subject terminal iPhone6, iPhone7, Galaxy note4, A300K
Content LTE, 3G unlimited data available

※ if you apply for unrestricted data service, you can have unlimited data on a daily basis.

Rate Simulation

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Rate Simulation
Country International Call Rate Domestic Call Rate SMS
Rate Simulation
International Call Charge
IDD+Airtime added result
minute 0 KRW
Domestic Call Charge
Korea → Sending in Korea
minute 0 KRW
Rental (3,000 KRW/day) day 0 KRW

Rate calculation Estimated amount is 0 KRW (VAT is included)

* International call charge for rate simulation is based on international call charge, 00345.

Equipment for rental

Equipment for rental
Model USIM Network Battery Deposit
iPhone6 iPhone6 Nano LTE 1,750mAh 500,000 KRW
iPhone7 iPhone7 Nano LTE 1,960mAh 600,000 KRW
Galaxy note4 Galaxy note4 micro LTE 3,220mAh 400,000 KRW
SHW-A300K SHW-A300K Normal USIM 3G 880mAh 150,000 KRW

Method to Use Rental Mobile Phone

  1. Step1. Booking

    With online booking, you can use a telephone booking service.

    Within the country / From abroad : +82-2-2190-0901
    (Free everywhere at KT mobile phone, Number 7, For Foreign language)
    # for foreign customer : Mon~Fri, 9AM~6PM local time? (Except on holidays)

  2. Step2. Receipt/Use of Mobile Phone

    • If you visit the roaming center of the rental place where you applied at online booking time, we will rent the terminal available in Korea.
    • Be sure to prepare your ID card (passport) and credit card (in your name).
  3. Step3. Return and Payment

    • If you visit the roaming center prior to departure after using the mobile phone rental service and return the unit, payment of your used rates during the rental period is possible.
    • You can settle the rates in cash or by various credit cards.
    • The rates, excluding rent after the SIM auto roaming service, are charged by applying the roaming charging rates of the mobile carrier you have contracted with.